Everybody desires for beauty and a good healthy life. The needs to be healthy and beautiful are one of the human needs that will always present themselves.Along with the development in Indonesia, come the request of the delivery of herbal, cosmetics, health supplements and food products from Indonesia that are often requestedby foreign buyers or companies. When associated with theoverseastransaction, we will eventually need to deal with the customs regarding the rules & regulations for sending food, drug, or other cosmetic products overseas.

So many questions then arise, can we or can we not export our food, supplements, and cosmetic products overseas?

Before we can answer that question, we should understand the definitions of DRUG and FOOD.

Drug and Food aredefined as regular medicine, traditional medicine, strong medicine, cosmetics, health supplements, and processed food. Described below are some of the requirements for medicine and food products to be allowed being exported overseas.

  1. The products must be registered in BPOM and
  2. The products have met all the requirements of export and comply with the rules and regulations in laws of export in Indonesia.

Aside from these regulations above, please be sure that the destination country does not prohibit the goods / drugs / cosmetics from Indonesia to enter the said country.

In order to ascertain how the regulations / laws in the destination country, you can contact us at

We will help you to check the Lartas (Prohibition Limited), HS Code, PEB, FDA, etc. which helps you to be able to export your goods.


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