Heavy projects become lighter with us.

To Manage heavy-weight or heavy lift projects requires special skills, attention, and detail in workmanship. TNEX has built a strong reputation in Project Cargo Logistics and has a professional team on cargo handling with ports, customs, and transport agencies. We have several services with different prices depending on the price that the customer will choose during handling your shipment. we always offer our customers to choose the budget that our customers want.

Produce an efficient handling process with minimum cost

For more than 10 years, we have handled many international shipments with high-value projects. We offer world class project services at the lowest cost. We currently handle the project regardless of delivery destination, our team handles each shipment in a professional manner, designs and designs all the required points in detail (including rigging studies to ensure maximum safety during lifting procedures). A good relationship with vendors and liners and helping us to offer efficient prices to our customers and competitive service partners. 

How we work on your project include:
  • project planning that will be done
  • Route surveys and reliable selection of vendors, liners, and brokers
  • Real-time tracking
  • Local customs clearance