One of the things that you should know in doing international shipping is importer tax or foreign goods receipt. This tax usually includes the fees that you must pay when sending goods with the help of sending packets abroad. However, do you know what an importer tax is? If not, read the full review below.

What is Importer's Tax?

Importer's Tax, or better known as Import Tax (PDRI) or Imported Goods Tax is the tax charge applied to all goods and products entering the country. Not only one, the cost of this tax is also divided into several parts, namely Income Tax (PPh), Value Added Tax for Luxury Goods (VAT), and Value Added Tax (VAT).

From the above explanation, it can be concluded that any goods entering the country not only have to pay the cost of state or customs fees but also must pay import taxes on goods. The existence of these costs will certainly make the price of imported goods will be much more expensive than the price of locally made products.

However, if no tax is imposed, the price of imported goods will be as cheap as local property, and if it happens, most likely the local market will lose in competition. In the end, imported products are leading because more are sought. Nevertheless, the calculation and the obligation to pay taxes is not only applied in Indonesia, but also in all countries in the world.

How to Calculate Import Tax and Import Duty

In Indonesia alone, the tax charge charged for each incoming product differs. If the price of goods entering the country is worth less than 50 USD, then the product will be exempt from tax-free importer fee. Nevertheless, there has been a new rule that the limit of goods to be free of import tax is 100 USD.

Calculate the amount of tax charges you can do yourself. With this calculation, you can certainly estimate how much you should pay if you want to buy goods from abroad.

Before calculating the cost of the importer, you must first get the number from the Basic Value of Import Duty (NDPBM). The magnitude of this NPDBM value can be calculated by:

NPDBM = Price of Goods (Cost) + Cost of Insurance (Insurance) + Cost of Shipping (Freight)

Meanwhile, the calculation of import duty can be obtained with the following formula:

Import Duty = NDPBM x duty tariff charged

You need to know, that the amount of tariffs starting from 0% and adjusted with the information contained in the Indonesian Customs Tariff Book (BTKI). Furthermore, will be calculated the amount of import tax from each component, starting from Income Tax and VAT.

Income = (NDPBM + Import Duty) x 10%

VAT = (NDPBM + Import Duty) x 7.5%

for example, if you buy kratom from Indonesia with $60 include shipping so you dont have to pay the import tax. There is also a large percentage of VAT can be calculated to be 15% if you do not have a Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP). The data of calculation formula is the reference fee of taxes charged by the overseas package send service.

Figures on the basis of Income Tax and VAT are regulated and written in Regulation of the Minister of Finance or PMK-182 / PMK.04 / 2016, PMK-34 / PMK.10 / 2017, and the Law of Value Added Tax and Import Tax. Thus, if you do not want to pay double taxes in every product purchase, you should also include the NPWP number on each item delivered or hand over the number to the expeditionary service person when they want to deliver the goods.

Not only that, you also have to prepare all the complete documents about the goods sent so that the process of making it does not experience serious obstacles. Find out information about goods that are prohibited from entering or goods that are at risk in Indonesia.

Such is the information about the importer tax or the recipient of foreign goods that you need to know. In order for your goods delivery process to go abroad smoothly and without constraint, always use a credible, professional, and trusted overseas package send service. Some of your recommendations are Expedito, TopKurir, DHL, FedEx, or TNT. I hope this information is helpful.