Do not worry if you are currently living outside of JAKARTA, BANDUNG, or SURABAYA because TNEX has been working together with other local carrier/delivery service in Indonesia. However, if you prefer, you can choose to send your package by using either JNE,Indonesian Postal Service,TIKI,or other similar services to your nearest TNEX branch office.

If you are a sender, then the answer is YES. TNEX Price already includes Transportation, Export Permit, Export Document, Sender's Tax Cost and other expenses. However, for the recipient tax, it is not part ofTNEX'sresponsibility as a transporter. The recipient tax cost is under the authority of the destination country customs. To find out more about it, please contact the local customs at your destination.
Please contact our SALES TEAM. We are always ready to help you solve your delivery problems.
TNEX provides full cover insurance by simply adding 5% of the total item price. It is worth to mention that if the goods are packed properly, then the possibility of the goods being damaged can be minimized and it is unlikely to ever happen. Please consult with our SALES TEAMabout packing your goods before sending them off overseas.
Each country has its own required time period for the goods to arrive safely at their destinations. This also countsfor transit time and the different operational flow for each country. The estimated delivery time for Economy Class Service is between 4 - 10 working days, while for Priority Class Service only take 2 - 5 working days.
Of course, you can. Please contact our SALES TEAM.
TNEX may offer you our special price if your delivery item is weighted above 45 KG. Also, if your goods are categorized as Heavy Weight, you can work together with our SALES TEAM to determine your own delivery budget. Please contact our SALES team to help you with your shipping budget.
Our shipping pricesare varied and conditional depending on the type of commodities that we are sending, the regulation of the destination country, current Dollar rate, Postal Code, and the destination city, etc.